High Performance Coaching develops talent both personally and professionally, supporting organizations in getting the best out of their multi-generational workforce and driving next level growth.

High Performance Coaching

Coaching begins with high potential talent and an evidence-based process.

Born from the latest Positive Psychology research, the coaching curriculum develops mastery of 6 high performance drivers: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, Necessity and Influence. Cultivating heightened and sustained levels of these performance drivers is the magic bullet to building a workforce that is engaged, motivated and committed—and coaching is the ultimate weapon.

Jess has developed a 3-step coaching process for converting high potential into high performance:

First – identify areas that are flourishing and those that are roadblocks to peak performance

Next – leverage powerful questioning to drive self-reflection, self-awareness and self-discovery

Last – strategize towards purpose driven goals and trigger actions that amplify impact


Well executed training can amplify employee engagement and performance in a matter of hours. Jess’ expert facilitation infuses trainings with energy, passion and inspiration, allowing organizations to fully capitalize on the investment of resources put towards development programs.

Full Day and 1/2 Day Training Options:

  • Your Established Programming
  • Custom Programming developed by Jess, such as:
    • Creating a Culture of Feedback
    • Managing Millennials
    • Positive Psychology at Work
    • Resilience and Peak Performance

Bringing an outside voice to existing corporate trainings, and a fresh perspective to custom programming, Jess challenges participants to move to the next level in their thinking and workplace performance.


In addition to coaching individual employees and teams, Jess collaborates with top level management, to establish a high performance culture. Building upon an organization’s mission and core values, Jess brings greater clarity and direction in service of the overall vision.

In a consultation role, Jess helps leaders to:

  • Identify high potential employees
  • Improve retention
  • Establish a culture of high performance
  • Facilitate big picture strategy sessions
  • Revise and re-tool existing programming


Jess is a sought after keynote speaker, discussion panelist, workshop facilitator and breakout presenter. Considered a thought leader in the field of Positive Psychology, employee engagement and Millennial management, Jess’ presentations are designed to deliver high impact concepts that drive personal and professional performance to the next level.

Jess speaks to groups on topics like:

  • Building High Quality Connections
  • Coaching for High Performance
  • Mindfulness and Growth Mindset
  • Productivity and Self-Management

What Clients Are Saying…

Intelligent, passionate and energetic, Jess Hopkins is an emerging star in the field of Applied Positive Psychology. Think you know everything there is to know about maximizing employee productivity at work? Think again. If you’re not focusing on Positive Psychology then you’re leaving productivity and employee satisfaction on the table. While being an engaging speaker, Jess presents simple, take-home solutions businesses can implement to improve organizational health immediately. Jess’ mastery of coaching and training allows organizations to maximize employee engagement and maximize profits. Her strategies are the next step in reaching top level performance.

-Kevin Caldabaugh, Director of Club Fitness at John’s Island