Investing in your workforce is not a luxury. It’s a strategic imperative.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, engaging and retaining top-tier talent is essential to achieving critical business outcomes.

Organizations that prioritize employee development and well-being today, will be the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Invest in your people. Future-proof your business.

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Thriving Workforce Clients
Thriving Workforce Clients

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Well-being Officer

Well-being Officer

The rise of the Chief Well-being Officer reflects the growing need for a leadership position that infuses organizational decision-making with a well-being-first perspective. A thriving workforce requires a top-down, wholistic strategy… learn more


Cultivating heightened and sustained levels of researched-backed performance drivers is the magic bullet to building a workforce that is engaged, motivated and committed—and coaching is the ultimate weapon… learn more


Bringing an outside voice to existing corporate trainings, and a fresh perspective to custom programming, Jess challenges participants to move to the next level in their thinking and workplace performance… learn more


Collaborating with top level management, Jess helps leaders establish a high performance culture while developing strategies for increased employee engagement and retainment… learn more


As a sought after keynote speaker, discussion panelist and workshop facilitator, Jess delivers expert insight and high impact in the fields of Positive Psychology, employee engagement and Millennial management… learn more

Jess Hopkins M.A., MAPP, CHPC

Jess is a Certified Chief Well-being Officer, and a triple-certified High Performance Coach with dual master’s degrees in Counseling and Applied Positive Psychology. Passionate about people and performance, Jess partners with organizations to amplify employee well-being and hit critical business targets.

With a strong academic foundation, over 15 years of experience, and a unique ability to connect with today’s multi-generational workforce, Jess’ strategic approach to wholistic well-being at work will take your talent—and your business—to the next level.


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Jess Hopkins, Thriving Workforce

What Clients Are Saying…

“I am immensely grateful for the outstanding contributions Jess has made to our wellness start-up. Her involvement in leading over 90 well-being workshops has profoundly enhanced our employees’ understanding and practice of personal well-being. Through her expertly developed trainings, Jess has equipped our staff and managers with invaluable skills that reflect our company’s values and aspirations.

Jess’s efforts in facilitating team-building workshops have significantly strengthened our internal connections, while her strategic input in culture-building initiatives and crafting our company credo has been instrumental in helping define who we are as an organization.

Beyond internal development, Jess’s insights in consulting on our product positioning have sharpened our market presence, making a tangible difference in how our brand is perceived and received. Additionally, Jess’s creative contributions to our social media outreach, especially the “Mindful Minutes” segments, have not only enriched our content but also expanded our audience engagement.

When it comes to well-being and the application of positive psychology, Jess is a powerhouse of innovation, dedication, and insight, and any company would be lucky to have her expertise at their disposal.”

Sandeep Parekh,
Head of People Operations at PanasonicWELL



Why Well-being Initiatives Fail

Why Well-being Initiatives Fail

Some of the most common reasons well-being initiatives fail: Lack of metrics and measurement Missing opportunities for feedback and shared accountability Non-existent strategy or philosophy Inconsistent leadership support Low engagement The role of the Chief...

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The Perception Gap

The Perception Gap

The research is clear: C-suite leaders have major blind spots about the well-being of their people. And in some ways, that's reasonable. Their roles and responsibilities are not typically designed to monitor employee well-being, much less the implementation and impact...

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Benefits packages and total rewards programs

Benefits packages and total rewards programs

Benefits packages and total rewards programs are important components in caring for your people. AND-- they also put the onus squarely on employees to take care of their own well-being. Organizations often supply workers with self-care resources and support systems to...

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