Chief Well-being Officer

In today’s hyper-competitive, fast-paced business environment, organizations are feeling the consequences of a depleted workforce:

  • Rampant burnout
  • Increased presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Rising healthcare costs
  • High levels of turnover
  • Damaged reputations


The rise of the Chief Well-being Officer reflects the growing need for a leadership position that infuses organizational decision-making with a well-being-first perspective.

 Historically, well-being initiatives have failed to move the needle due to:

  • Lack of metrics and measurement
  • Missed opportunities for feedback and shared accountability
  • Non-existent strategy or philosophy
  • Inconsistent leadership support
  • Low engagement
  • Poor systemic integration


The role of the Chief Well-being Officer is specifically designed to close these gaps.

Ownership and oversight, from beginning to end, ensures well-being initiatives are:

  • Data-driven
  • Aligned with strategic business goals
  • A direct reflection of the needs of the people
  • Consistently reinforced by cross-functional leaders
  • Encouraged by the workplace culture
  • Embedded into everyday ways of working


Employee well-being is not an expense. It’s an investment.

Investing in well-being is a win-for-all strategy that yields positive business, people and innovation outcomes. People and Finance teams are not at opposing ends of this conversation. When your employees thrive, so does your company. There’s no tradeoff required.

But isn’t employee well-being HR’s responsibility?

Though their worlds intersect, HR professionals and Well-being Officers are not synonymous. When organizational efforts to promote well-being are piled on to the duties of leaders who already have expansive responsibilities and whose focus inherently lies elsewhere, meaningful progress stalls out.


Enter the Chief Well-being Officer.

As a certified Chief Well-being Officer, Jess combines a whole-company perspective with a sharp well-being focus to create sustainable strategy and effective interventions. To ensure high impact and material results, Jess will:

  • Assess current state and identify well-being goals
  • Design and execute a comprehensive well-being strategy
  • Align well-being plans with cross-functional business targets
  • Gain leadership buy-in and sustained support for well-being agenda
  • Develop data-driven metrics for well-being initiatives
  • Measure and analyze progress and outcomes
  • Support team leaders in embodying well-being best practices
  • Create internal accountability for well-being goals
  • Promote a workplace culture that encourages and supports well-being
  • Empower all employees to engage in well-being opportunities
  • Ensure systemic integration of well-being interventions


 If you’re a leader looking to cultivate a thriving workforce, contact Jess today.