Suite of Services

Coaching: Individual and group coaching packages are designed to support your employees in maximizing their potential by eliciting strengths, implementing positive interventions and sustaining progress through ongoing accountability. Coaching is the quickest way to affect positive change and sessions are custom tailored to the needs of the organization.

Consulting: Consultation packages are designed to affect large-scale change for company-wide growth. Shifting the state of an organization’s workforce often requires a deep dive into daily habits and company culture. A thorough assessment of current standings is critical for redesigning best practices and company processes. Subsequently, a custom-tailored strategy package is delivered with opportunity for ongoing support through coaching and hands-on workshops.

Speaking and Workshops: Education is a critical component of affecting positive change. Topical workshops and presentations drill down into the building blocks of the positive workplace and offer employees a chance to practice skills and tools designed to promote increased well-being.

Training and Facilitation: Corporate trainings offer a powerful opportunity to engage and motivate employees. Organizations invest significant resources into trainings and can maximize ROI through expert facilitation that infuses trainings with energy, passion and inspiration.

“Intelligent, passionate and energetic, Jess Hopkins is an emerging star in the field of applied positive psychology. Think you know everything there is to know about maximizing employee productivity at work? Think again. If you’re not focusing on positive psychology then you’re leaving productivity and employee satisfaction on the table. While being an engaging speaker, Jess presents simple, take-home solutions businesses can implement to improve organizational health immediately. Companies that are solution focused and strategic in thinking tend to perform better. Jess’ mastery of applied positive psychology allows organizations to maximize employee engagement and maximize profits. Her strategies are the next step in reaching top level performance.”
Kevin B. Caldabaugh, Director of Club Fitness at John’s Island