About Thriving Workforce

Thriving Workforce is a full service positive psychology coaching and consulting agency, offering a revolutionary approach to maximizing employee well-being and organizational success.

TW’s unique approach to organizational change leverages the scientific research of positive psychology to produce a workforce that is motivated, engaged and efficient. In turn, organizations reap positive rewards like greater employee satisfaction and retention, improved productivity and increased profits.

Historically, organizational change has emphasized scrutinizing workplace problems and challenges, in hopes that fixing the weakest link will produce future success. This approach often leads to average performance and recurring disengagement among employees.

Positive psychology research shows that peak employee performance and sustainable company success are best achieved through positive interventions that focus on bolstering workplace well-being. Thriving Workforce integrates this principal into custom-tailored workshops, trainings, coaching and consulting sessions in order to produce maximum workplace achievement. For more information on positive psychology in the workplace, click here.