About Jess Hopkins

Jess Hopkins is a positive psychology coach, speaker and consultant, working to maximize workplace well-being and performance. Through custom tailored workshops, individual coaching and strategic interventions, Jess addresses pervasive workplace challenges like poor leadership, toxic relationships, lack of motivation and disengagement. Jess’ unique blend of rigorous positive psychology research and tangible strategies for affecting positive change in real time quickly shifts companies out of destructive patterns and into productive best practices. Subsequently, organizations of all sizes are enabled to achieve a wide variety of positive outcomes including greater employee satisfaction and retention, improved productivity and increased profits.

Jess is a twice-certified Life Purpose and Career Coach based in Los Angeles. After completing her first master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Jess knew that traditional models and dated interventions were not the most effective pathway towards greater workplace well-being and performance. To that end, Jess completed a second master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in the innovative field of Applied Positive Psychology. Jess is passionate about sharing real-world applications of positive psychology research in order to support individuals and organizations in bridging the gap between where they are today, and where they truly want to be.

“Jess Hopkins truly knows how to engage her audience and deliver insightful information that can be applied quickly and easily in your operation. Her style, energy, wit & humor will keep you engaged throughout her presentation, and leave you feeling confident with new ways to engage your employees. Jess is a true leader in her industry and is making a difference in the field of positive psychology”.
Pamela R. Caldwell, Director of Spa, Salon & Fitness at The Club at Admirals Cove